Wildcreek Farm is a family run farm located in Binbrook, Ontario.  We are focused on producing healthy, high quality, local food.

Our products are available for sale farmgate 9AM – 6PM (closed Sundays).

Available on the Farm

Artisanal Chicken

Free Range outside and Raised without Antibiotics (RWA) Chicken

Our chicken is raised without antibiotics, grown in small crops, air chilled, and processed by licensed Ontario poultry processors.

New product will be available August 2023.

Products Available:
  • Roasters: $4.10 / lb
  • Boneless Chicken Breast: $10.55 / lb
  • Drumsticks: $4.55 / lb (sold out)
  • Thighs: $4.55 / lb (sold out)
  • Wings: $6.00 / lb (sold out)
  • Liver $5.00 / lb (sold out)
  • Soup bones: $10.00 a bag (sold out)

Email wildcreekfarmcanada@gmail.com to place an order.

Heritage Highland Cattle

Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

Naturally very lean, we finish our cattle in the pasture, 100% grain free, and without the use of any hormones or antibiotics.  This makes our beef naturally healthy and gives it distinctive taste and texture that can only be found with grass-fed and finished cattle.  Read more about the benefits of grass-fed meat.

Products Available:
    • Ground Beef: $8 / 1lb bags frozen ground beef
    • Sample Packs: $85-$110 for 9-10lbs assortment of steaks, roasts, and ground  or stew (sold out)
    • Quarters: $6/lb for 120 – 170lbs (butcher’s hanging weight).  From hanging to cutting there’s a roughly 25-35% loss in weight to the actual meat you cook, partly depending on how you’d like it cut.  A standard quarter is roughly 22% steaks, 38% roasts, and 40% ground and stewing beef (% by weight) – currently by waiting list only.
    • Soup bones: $6/bag (about 1lb) with mix of mostly knuckle and some marrow bones (sold out)
    • Oxtail: $9/lb (sold out)
    • Liver: $5/bag (about 1lb) (sold out)
  • Taking deposits shortly for custom quarters and halves for December 2023 pickup. Note that currently there is a waiting list.
  • See Tips for Cooking Grass Fed beef

We take pride in growing the healthiest beef we know how as well as making sure the have a natural, stress-free, contented lives.

Highlands are a heritage beef breed which are quite friendly, have double coats and long horns and are well suited for Canadian winters and browsing brush land. They are fed nothing but grass most of the year and then hay in the winter. We also let them run in our ravine and brush areas, which they really like!

Pastured Eggs

Happy Chickens make for some tasty eggs, and our hens are hard at work every day pecking at bugs, grass, or whatever catches their fancy. Available for pickup at the farm, our stock is constantly turned over to ensure that our eggs are fresh.

Eggs are in short supply during the winter months due to shorter days and laying cycles. We apologize for the perpetual “Eggs Sold out sign” in the winter season.

Heritage Pork

Fed non GMO feed, raised without antibiotics or hormones, and allowed to roam outside in a large pen provides a high quality meat with our foray into heritage breed pigs.

Email wildcreekfarmcanada@gmail.com to be put on a wait list for mixed half combinations of ham, roasts, ribs, and bacon.  Pork is available mid summer.

Market Days

The Binbrook Farmers’ Market is scheduled to be open summer 2022.  Go visit and support the local vendors!

Open select Saturday mornings throughout the summer.  For more information go to the Binbrook Farmers’ Market website.

Unfortunately Wildcreek Farm are not able to attend the Binbrook Market this year.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our farming philosophy

Being a multi-generational family run and operated farm, we care about what we and our children are eating, and our impact to sustainability. We strive to farm products that are not only nutritious and healthy for ourselves and our customers, but also is not harming or polluting our land or the environment. As stewards of our animals and the land, we model our farming activities using principals of holistic management, and permaculture/regenerative agriculture. We do not use herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides in any of our operations. Our animals are Raised Without Antibiotic (RWA) nor hormones. Our chickens and pigs are fed only non-GMO or organic feeds, with no added animal by-products. Our cattle only eat our pasture or hay that we have grown and harvested on our land, allowing us to control 100% of their diet. The high quality feed is more expensive and time intensive, but the effort is worth it to maintain animal and product health.

Maximizing pasture access is critical to not only the health of the animals, but also to maximizing the benefits to the land. In practicing rotational grazing, we can increase the pasture’s forage production, soil fertility, and drought resistance, reduce erosion, and enable us to extend the duration that the animals are able to graze.  Also, growing animals at much lower densities than the industry standard guidelines allows for less stress on the animals and the farm land.

All meat products available for sale at the farm are processed and packaged at Ontario inspected butchers or abattoirs. In selling healthy, high quality, and local food to you, we welcome any questions you may have to give you further confidence and transparency into the food that you are buying.

Farming with these principles is an ongoing research and trial and error effort that we are excited to tackle on behalf of our customers and community.