Heritage Highland Cattle

Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

Naturally very lean, we finish our cattle in the pasture, 100% grain free, and without the use of any hormones or antibiotics.  This makes our beef naturally healthy and gives it distinctive taste and texture that can only be found with grass-fed and finished cattle.  Read more about the benefits of grass-fed meat.

Products Available:
    • Ground Beef: $8 / 1lb bags frozen ground beef
    • Sample Packs: $85-$110 for 9-10lbs assortment of steaks, roasts, and ground  or stew (sold out)
    • Quarters: $6/lb for 120 – 170lbs (butcher’s hanging weight).  From hanging to cutting there’s a roughly 25-35% loss in weight to the actual meat you cook, partly depending on how you’d like it cut.  A standard quarter is roughly 22% steaks, 38% roasts, and 40% ground and stewing beef (% by weight) – currently by waiting list only.
    • Soup bones: $6/bag (about 1lb) with mix of mostly knuckle and some marrow bones (sold out)
    • Oxtail: $9/lb (sold out)
    • Liver: $5/bag (about 1lb) (sold out)
  • Taking deposits shortly for custom quarters and halves for December 2023 pickup. Note that currently there is a waiting list.
  • See Tips for Cooking Grass Fed beef

We take pride in growing the healthiest beef we know how as well as making sure the have a natural, stress-free, contented lives.

Highlands are a heritage beef breed which are quite friendly, have double coats and long horns and are well suited for Canadian winters and browsing brush land. They are fed nothing but grass most of the year and then hay in the winter. We also let them run in our ravine and brush areas, which they really like!