Sustainable Agriculture

Our farming philosophy

Being a multi-generational family run and operated farm, we care about what we and our children are eating, and our impact to sustainability. We strive to farm products that are not only nutritious and healthy for ourselves and our customers, but also is not harming or polluting our land or the environment. As stewards of our animals and the land, we model our farming activities using principals of holistic management, and permaculture/regenerative agriculture. We do not use herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides in any of our operations. Our animals are Raised Without Antibiotic (RWA) nor hormones. Our chickens and pigs are fed only non-GMO or organic feeds, with no added animal by-products. Our cattle only eat our pasture or hay that we have grown and harvested on our land, allowing us to control 100% of their diet. The high quality feed is more expensive and time intensive, but the effort is worth it to maintain animal and product health.

Maximizing pasture access is critical to not only the health of the animals, but also to maximizing the benefits to the land. In practicing rotational grazing, we can increase the pasture’s forage production, soil fertility, and drought resistance, reduce erosion, and enable us to extend the duration that the animals are able to graze.  Also, growing animals at much lower densities than the industry standard guidelines allows for less stress on the animals and the farm land.

All meat products available for sale at the farm are processed and packaged at Ontario inspected butchers or abattoirs. In selling healthy, high quality, and local food to you, we welcome any questions you may have to give you further confidence and transparency into the food that you are buying.

Farming with these principles is an ongoing research and trial and error effort that we are excited to tackle on behalf of our customers and community.